Friday, September 23, 2011

Upcoming Round 3

Visit today with oncologist for post round 2 and blood work.  Roger's weight is down to 162, 4 pounds down from the start of Provenge.  Fatigue still haunts Roger, and he gets short of breath easily, lungs being affected (smoking doesn't help) and the doc talked to him seriously about working on quitting after Provenge.  The nurses jokingly suggested eating Krispy Kreme donuts to gain weight, and doc suggested protein shakes, and doc figured the amount he spends on cigarettes would buy a lot of Krispy Kremes.  Little bit of humor in the day.  Nurses were prepared for cleaning the port, as Nurse Amy from Tulsa had called the clinic to let them know the hepron solution to use so as not to clog the port.  At least we benefit for the last round and for anyone else who passes through the clinic for Provenge.  While exciting to be the first, it is also guinea pig type of experience.  Resting up this weekend, Round 3 starts Monday when we travel to Tulsa for 3rd Leukaphresis.