Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Night May 20

Out of the hospital, near 3 weeks, now.  Life has been mostly everyday kind of things.  Roger has been out  fishing at the dock, or trolling out on the lake with Jeff Bell (no relation) many days.  And I've been getting some projects around the house going.  No, I haven't painted the insides of the exterior doors yet, nor have I finished the school desk chair, nor have I gotten much house cleaning.  The weather is great and the garden is coming along--peas are ready to pick, and we've enjoyed about 25 strawberries thus far.
Friday was a visit to the oncologist, and leaving with a referral to radiology.  Radiology will  be calling the first of the week to begin radiation on the prostate tumor pushing in on the bladder.     The Provenge is apparently doing its job as no new areas of tumor showed up on the latest CT scan.
Roger has had blood in his urine for four days intermittently, and no trips to ER for blockage from clots.
Here's a YAY for 3 weeks away from the hospital.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

CT Scan May 11, 2011

  • The good news is Roger is still peeing clear.  A major deal, something that only a few years ago was taken for granted.  The not so good news is that the CT scans are becoming a more frequent event.  The tumors are more aggressive and the urologist called the oncologist to (hopefully) suggest some method be used to shrink the tumors.  Roger is holding steady at 156 lbs. (pre April 2011 weight was 176) but is weak.  

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Follow-up at Urologist today, the follow-up from the 11 days in the hospital.  Urologist strongly suggested seeing the oncologist as soon as possible.  I explain to doctor that if I call the oncologist office they will tell me: we have an appointment in July and we will not hear back.  The doctor then says he will personally call and make sure we get in sooner.  Lo and behold three hours later Roger receives a call from oncologist to be at the clinic for a CT/Pet scan Friday morning.  
The follow-up therefore, and hither to, was good in part.  Roger has no blood in urine, none visible and none microscopically.  Still has pain at end of urination from stent, that is normal.  But doc did not know of a reason for his morning nausea.  No more flomax (prescription for helping urine flow) as the last cystoscopy was successful at clearing and opening the bladder and urtherea where the tumors are growing.  The urologist explained this was only a temporary answer, since the tumors will continue to grow and as the tumors invade new areas the same bleeding will occur again.
CT scan is scheduled for Friday a.m. and follow-up with oncologist will be sometime next week.  Until then we will enjoy the beautiful weather, will try to work in the garden (my right knee is messed up, fills like someone sneaked in and put a brick in there looks like I'll be tripping to the doctor), throw the frisbee for the dog (who waits anxiously by the driver's door of my car everytime I get ready to leave) and relax and take naps as often as possible.
Love to all,