Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Night May 20

Out of the hospital, near 3 weeks, now.  Life has been mostly everyday kind of things.  Roger has been out  fishing at the dock, or trolling out on the lake with Jeff Bell (no relation) many days.  And I've been getting some projects around the house going.  No, I haven't painted the insides of the exterior doors yet, nor have I finished the school desk chair, nor have I gotten much house cleaning.  The weather is great and the garden is coming along--peas are ready to pick, and we've enjoyed about 25 strawberries thus far.
Friday was a visit to the oncologist, and leaving with a referral to radiology.  Radiology will  be calling the first of the week to begin radiation on the prostate tumor pushing in on the bladder.     The Provenge is apparently doing its job as no new areas of tumor showed up on the latest CT scan.
Roger has had blood in his urine for four days intermittently, and no trips to ER for blockage from clots.
Here's a YAY for 3 weeks away from the hospital.