Friday, April 11, 2014

Oncologist visit

Good day, good visit with oncologist.  Scan shows potentially problematic lymph node or two becoming inflammed, PSA is down from 6 months ago to around 3.  Current cancer medication Zytiga will continue at least until next scan.  If lymph nodes show further inflammation, might change to the next drug in line in protocol.  Roger had Lupron shot (the one that hurts for a week) and Xgevia ( the bone strengthening shot) so will be limping around.  Oncologist says emphysema affecting health more than cancer, emphysema does not get better.   Roger good and mowing lawn!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A caregiver nightmare

One of the worst feelings is finding yourself in a bad situation which you feel you created.  Today I discovered splatters of poop in the bathroom, and a washrag that had been used to clean some of it up.  Roger was just too embarrassed, I am sure, to say anything and I still refer to the hysteric incident of the projectile vomiting incident, which occurred a few months ago.  I have regrets for yelling at Roger when he is vomiting, but that was discussed in a previous post.  And I know, his trying to clean up poop is not solely a product of the incident but as a caregiver you sometimes feel more responsible for the care recipient than you really should.  Anyway, I finished up the poop clean up without any comment.  It is what it is.  Tomorrow, or I should say today, Roger has a CT scan in the morning.  I need to get some sleep and will try to update on Friday when we go to visit with the Oncologist.  Love, grace and peace!