Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A caregiver nightmare

One of the worst feelings is finding yourself in a bad situation which you feel you created.  Today I discovered splatters of poop in the bathroom, and a washrag that had been used to clean some of it up.  Roger was just too embarrassed, I am sure, to say anything and I still refer to the hysteric incident of the projectile vomiting incident, which occurred a few months ago.  I have regrets for yelling at Roger when he is vomiting, but that was discussed in a previous post.  And I know, his trying to clean up poop is not solely a product of the incident but as a caregiver you sometimes feel more responsible for the care recipient than you really should.  Anyway, I finished up the poop clean up without any comment.  It is what it is.  Tomorrow, or I should say today, Roger has a CT scan in the morning.  I need to get some sleep and will try to update on Friday when we go to visit with the Oncologist.  Love, grace and peace!