Thursday, July 23, 2015

Update 7/23/2015

After a two month confluence of doctor meetings, I'll update on reports from all the docs.

Oncology (cancer)- no new lesions, lesion on/in bladder has increased slightly (less than centimeters), the Zytiga (chemotherapy drug, pill form, 4 pills=1000mg/night) continues to work after 30 months) normal range of Zytiga is one year. Lesions on spine, sacrun, and bony pelvis remain unchanged.  Every 3 months receives a shot of Lupron (hormones) and every month a shot of Xgeva (bone strengthener)

Pulmonologist (lungs)- only an office check, remains on 24/7 oxygen 2 liters, also using Spiriva, Breo and abuterol inhaler (although Roger feels it does not help)  His lung capacity is down to 30% (as of 2/2015) and no testing has been ordered to see if he has lost any more capacity.  His COPD diagnosis is related to emphysema.  Emphysema does not get better, only worse.  He will always be on oxygen.  He finished 36 sessions of Pulmonary Rehab (7/2015)  to learn to breathe.  It got Roger out of the house.

Cardiologist (heart)-Office visit with doc resulted in an order for a nuclear stress test to assess heart function.  This test is 7/24/2015 (tomorrow, by my estimation)  Roger has had two episodes in the last month which resulted in taking Nitroglycerin, which took care of the chest pain.

Urologist (pee-pee) - office visit to check function of kidneys and urostomy.  Both okay, no kidney stones or anything worth noting.

So, perhaps this will keep everyone informed.
All the medications have different effects, one persistent problem is controlling bowels, one day it is diarrhea,  the next day it is constipation-- this has been the "norm", the battle for 4 years now......
....and he seems "loopier and discombobulated"  more often.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

April 2015 updates

Where to begin...
Roger is in Pulmonary Rehab now, learning to breathe and stretching and exercising a bit.  Class is 2 pm Tuesday, Thursday and Friday for the next 11 weeks.  Anyone wanting to transport Roger is welcome to do so...
Pat is having surgery for gall bladder removal on Thursday April 23rd.  A neighbor is taking me and bringing me home.   I will need help around the house for 5 to 7  days, as I will be recovering and cannot lift or do much of anything for those days.
Lots going on as it is crappie season... stop on by, or give Roger a call, he enjoys company any time.
Love to all

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

February 2,2015

After tending the woodstove last night, I napped during the day, the afternoon anyway.  Roger has learned to let me sleep. ( I get really, really grumpy and speak loudly at him when I do not get enough sleep.)  Upon waking, Roger starts with the endless list of what I need to do.  And then he says to me "I'm hot, can you come fan me?"  I let out a smirkish laugh.  It sounds as if he thinks he is in Egypt and I am his servant girl.  To which, I suggest that if we are in Egypt, then he must be Marc Anthony and I am Cleopatra, NOT the fan girl.  He laughs a bit and smiles.  There is no further discussion about being fanned.  But it warms both our souls to laugh.
Health wise he is somewhat stable.  Some days he seems to have more trouble breathing, and more phlegm in his lungs.   Appointment with the pulmonologist scheduled for the 17th.
Love to all.