Tuesday, February 3, 2015

February 2,2015

After tending the woodstove last night, I napped during the day, the afternoon anyway.  Roger has learned to let me sleep. ( I get really, really grumpy and speak loudly at him when I do not get enough sleep.)  Upon waking, Roger starts with the endless list of what I need to do.  And then he says to me "I'm hot, can you come fan me?"  I let out a smirkish laugh.  It sounds as if he thinks he is in Egypt and I am his servant girl.  To which, I suggest that if we are in Egypt, then he must be Marc Anthony and I am Cleopatra, NOT the fan girl.  He laughs a bit and smiles.  There is no further discussion about being fanned.  But it warms both our souls to laugh.
Health wise he is somewhat stable.  Some days he seems to have more trouble breathing, and more phlegm in his lungs.   Appointment with the pulmonologist scheduled for the 17th.
Love to all.