Friday, March 28, 2014

It is the end of March

Well, I must say, I am ready for some spring, even summer at this point.  Ordinarily, I would be all for winter, but it has been or seems to have been a long winter.   Maybe, just maybe, I want Roger out of the house.  I am hoping he goes fishing soon.  The fishing license has been renewed and the lake level (1120) is just right.  Now, if the weather would just cooperate.  It needs to be 70 degrees ambient temperature, no wind, and the lake temperature needs to be around 50 degrees.  Roger has developed very strict criteria for fishing.  He wants to be comfortable.  I understand this, however, there are times when I want to shove the fishing pole and tackle box in his hands and push him out the door.  You see, the first fishing season after I met Roger, he had me out on the pontoon when it was barely above freezing.  I held out, when you are catching crappie, you don't notice the cold so much until the trip home.  Then you start to get cold, really cold.  Well, anyway, I toughed those days out and you know the rest of the story.
   Today was a visit to see Roger's general doctor.  He's had a "cold" of sorts and started coughing.  To avoid the COPD emergency (such as what occurred in December) I thought it best to get him to a doctor.  (Roger likes to see the doctor who has known him for 30+ years, since now Roger can brag about quitting smoking cigarettes, after 30+ years of this doctor ragging on him to quit smoking.)  We return home with a prescription for antibiotics.  I have the same thing going on, but am about over it, and did not have the cough Roger has, and being a sickly sort of child (I was the runt of the litter, so to speak) had enough antibiotics as a child to become rather immune to their restorative effects.  And so, Roger has started a 10 day regimen of amoxicilian. (No, I just don't want to look up the correct spelling and would rather write an entire sentence about looking up the correct spelling, than to actually look it up.)   After the December incident where upon Roger developed a heart flutter from all the coughing, I convinced him it would be best to make an appointment for a regular visit with the doctor rather than risk the 80 mph, 11 mile trip to the ER in the middle of the night.   I get a little antsy with slight irregularities when it comes to Roger's health--something about all those trips down New Hope Road at 80 mph, passing ambulances and all that.
   Roger is not feeling great, still having trouble breathing, gets out of breath easily, but the report is- Roger is doing okay.  He has a CT scan the second week of April.  It has been six months.  The Zytiga and prednisone he is currently on was/is working well enough to have skipped one CT three months ago.  The cancer side of things are going rather smoothly, no increase, no decrease--stable.  
   And that is the way it is-March 27, 2014.
Love to all.