Thursday, September 8, 2011

August 24 New Updates

Let's see, I believe it is Friday, so I need to start with our adventures with Thursday.
We are now involved in what seems to be a three ring circus, and it is hard to keep up with all the exciting acts, so bear with me.
Thursday August 25, oh no wait. 
need to go back to Wednesday.
Wednesday August 24
10:42 am Receive call from oncologist-they are scheduling an appointment with surgeon to evaluate whether or not he should have a catheter/port for the leukaphressis (footnote here: most nurses have trouble finding and "getting" a good vein, he's been punctured every month for the last 6 months and every 3 months for the last 10 years,  my note: duh, is there even a question here)
11:26 am Receive call from surgeon's office, they have scheduled a consult with surgeon at 1:00pm Thursday, are aware Roger has an appointment with oncologist at 2:00 and are SURE we will have plenty of time since the surgeon's office is only 1/2 block from the oncology office.  (my note: they (the surgeion and oncologist) live in an alternate universe)
12:28 pm Receive call from oncologist- Roger has his consult with the surgeion at 9:00 am Thursday.  I tell the person on the line, "The surgeion just called an hour ago and told us the appointment was made for 1:00 pm"  the person on the line says, I will call you right back. Bye  (my note: like I said the medical profession lives in an alternate universe)
12:32 pm (GREAT BALLS O' FIRE)  Receive call  from oncologist, "yes your appointment is for 1:00 pm Thursday"
Thursday August 25
12:45 pm Arrive at surgeon's office early so Pat can fill out all the paper work, and Roger can sign.
1:00 pm  nurse calls Roger he weighs in at 167.  nurse takes us to exam room 4  except opps it is actually 9.  Nurse asks nurse questions, leaves telling us the doc will be with us  shortly  (my note: as I have said before ....)
1:30 pm a different nurse comes in asks nurse questions-same as previous nurse, leaves telling us doc will be with us shortly.  uh, huh
1:45 pm Doc comes in pokes around, yes we need to install a port asks "When is this procedure?"  Tuesday  "Oh, my" says the doc.  "That's short notice, let  me get with the hospital and see what the schedule is for an OR"  Doc leaves. Doc and nurses are done with Roger, Roger leaves to walk over to Oncologist.  I stay to wait for the schedule for pre-op and the operation, and pay the co-pay pre-op is scheduled for 1:30 tomorrow, surgery for 6:30 am Monday.
2:00 Roger arrives at the Oncologist and checks in with front desk
2:15  Pat arrives
2:30  Nurse from the lab peaks her head out and asks if we are checked in, ask for name, says someone will with Roger shortly
3:00 Call Roger back for blood draw.  Hits vein on third try
3:05  We walk upstairs to check in for oncologist appointment
3:15  Nurse calls for Roger, he weighs in at 165.  (gee, I wish I could lose 2 pounds by walking 1/2 block) Nurse takes us to exam room (no number, new offices) nurse asks nurse questions, says doc will be in shortly
4:05  Doc walks in, asks doc questions , talks about new prescription for urination (Flomax) he is currently talking Uraloxatol and doesn't seem to be helping much anymore, I talk to doc about valium for Roger for the ride to Tulsa and for before the procedure.  Doc says okay to both and will call it in to pharmacy, " Which pharmacy do you use?"  Debbie's   Doc answers Pat and Rogers questions, we all shake hands, we all proceed to leave
"oh don't forget your paper work to check out"  we take the paper work and proceed to checkout
4:50  approach check out desk, we need to make appointment for injection and follow-up
receptionist has no idea how to schedule the Provenge injection.  I show her the paper work from Dendron which shows the dates for leukaphresis & infusion.  I explain infusion must occur within 6 hours of delivery, delivery is scheduled for 12:00 noon at the Fayetteville office.  Receptionist becomes further confused must call doc and nurse to figure this out. Then must call Fayetteville office to check on whether the Provenge will be delivered to Rogers or Fayetteville office.   Fayetteville office it is!  Sept 2, 1:00 pm,  Follow-up Sept 9, 3:15 
5:00 stop to get fast food at Long John Silvers'  
5:30  Home
To be continued
I'd bring you up to Frida;y, but Friday turned out to be just as much fun!
and its taken be almost 2 hours to write in between phone calls
and I feel you need the whole story on Friday's fun
Love to all,