Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Round 3 Part 1

Back from Tulsa, leukaphresis went well.  Roger was more fatigued this time.  Slept well last night, had at least one 5 hour block of sleep when he didn't get up for the bathroom.
"our" Nurse Amy in Tulsa required hugs before we left, she was the bright spot in all of this, and was a big help from the first visit.  Amy called the oncology clinic to inform them of the clogged port problem and suggested what had worked in other patients.  The oncology clinic responded less than friendly and the nurse at the oncology clinic last friday was quick to inform us, she had done the phresis before and was well aware of how things were done.  Personally, I'd trust Amy.
Sooooo, if things go well on Friday with the 3rd and last infusion, no more leukaphresis (for now and the immediate future), and the cathether (port) comes out next week.  Roger has an appointment with the surgeon tomorrow so that he can make an appointment to have the cath taken out.  Yes, we have to go to an appointment to make an appointment.  A $30 appointment to make a $30 appointment.  hmmm, I'll not digress into that discussion right now, it would be lengthy and probably involve a march on D.C. or a bike ride to the halls of Congress with some choice words.
Surgeon visit Thursday, Infusion on Friday.
Hope we don't have any collisions with the motorcycles, as it is Bikes, Blues and BBQ week in Fayetteville.  fortunately most events are on the opposite side of town.
Love to all