Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pleasant visit with surgeon

What a surprise today!
We get in to visit the surgeon.
The nurse ask if we are here for the removal of the cathether today.
Then asks why Roger is here.
We explain the appointment was made because we had not seen the surgeon for 30 days and we would have to see the surgeon before an appointment could be made for removal.
Nurse says that's silly
and we agree
 says the doc will be in shortly.
and she is
and she says that is silly too
and we agree
she asks if Roger has a co-pay,
yes, $30
ouch, she says
and then she says
We need to cancel the appointment.
She checks out the port and explains the removal and then we follow her to the front desk
Doc tells lady at front desk, we need to cancel this appointment
lady at front desk says no problem, and schedules the removal appointment for Monday.
Surgeon says Roger was not here today,
We reply, we were never here.
and we leave
and we go walk at the Adult Wellness Center
Roger gets his mile in and does some weight lift machine arm thingy
and we go out to eat at La Palamas
and think what a wonderful world.
Tomorrow is 3rd infusion, hopefully last.