Thursday, September 8, 2011

August 26, 2011

So I had a beer.
August 26, 2011
8:00 am  call in for a refill for Roger's ambien, after pressing all the approiate buttons, get a pick-up time of after 3:00pm at Wal-Mart Pharmacy (figure we'll pick it up on our way home from Mercy)
Worked at one of my houses 9 am-noon (its a house I clean with a friend)
12:30 arrive home, take quick shower, take my meds that I forgot this morning
12:50 leave for Mercy Medical Center with Roger for pre-op at 1:30. 
1:10 arrive at mercy early so we can get the paper work filled out.
ah, ha all Roger has to do is sign the HIPPA papers
secretary takes Roger to exam room,leave Roger with his personalized list of all his medications, I leave to go to Debbie's Pharmacy to pick up prescriptions from oncologist
prescription is not there, has not been called in.
call Oncologist, get voice mail for nurse
leave message
go back to Mercy to check on Roger
call Becky to update her on Roger's schedule, Roger walks into waiting area, hang up on Becky before it goes to voice mail,
Roger still needs the x-ray
don't even sit down when the radiology tech comes to get Roger
tech lets me go back with him
lets me watch as the x-ray is scanned into computer
happy I don't have a clue as to what is on the x-ray
I believe sometimes ignorance is bliss
only sometimes, this is one
x-rays are done
we leave
it is
2:30 pm  I drive Roger to Debbie's pharmacy
prescriptions still not called in
2:40 pm I drive Roger to  Oncology
talk to receptionist, she directs me to the pharmacy there in the clinic
4 people wating, we wait, finally our turn to speak,
do they have the prescription?
do they know or can they find what we need to get these two scripts
yes, they call the phone nurse  (I didn't know phones needed nurses)
the phone nurse is on the phone with Debbies pharmacy
we leave, we drive to Debbies
the pharmacy techs and pharmacist are trying to hide laughter and let us in on the funny
just got off phone with phone nurse
have to clarify one of the doses on prescription
we wait
Roger goes to sit outside in car
I wati inside
phone nurse finally calls back with dose, and instructions
this is the funny---phone nurse says the instructions are to use one spray in each nostril,  hee, hee this is a pill for flomax, not the flonase spray for allergies
I see the humor, a good medical story to tell to my daughter
sad that incologist cannot afford real nurses and must rely on phone nurses. :)
go to eat burgers at steak and shake waitress asked what we would like to drink, I say unsweetened ice tea, Roger says a vanilla shake
waitress asks what flavor?
Roger replies Vanilla
we laugh
good meal but a lot of fat
waitress charges us for two ice teas, and a vanilla shake
I point out the discrepency to the waitress, she corrects the bill
we leave 10% tip
Roger pay the bill, we drive to Wal-Mart to pick up prescription for ambien
Drive to the drive-thru, wait for someone in big white truck who doesn't seem to understand, there's a problem, I press the help button ( yes, I need help)
we wait
I turn off the car, roll down the windows, it is only 93, its okay
we wait
Truck leaves, I press the help button again
we wait
Pharm tech resonds how can I help you
I need a prescription for Roger give his birthday
she presses buttons, picks up phone  "We can't fill your prescription"
we can't fill it until tomorrow
YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING  (yes that is exactly what I said and I'm pretty sure it was somewhat loud)
I say to Roger, tomorrow is only 8 hours away, this is ridiculous
we drive away, head home
arrive home about 5pm
I say to Roger, I'm gonna have a beer
We make plans to play cards with friends tomorrow night