Thursday, September 8, 2011

August 17, 2011 Roger's upcoming treatment

Roger is now seeing the oncologist once a month, still seeing the urologist (who has been the primary physician since diagnosis in 2001), and his regular MD whenever needed.  I am trying to coordinate all these doctors, so everyone knows what the others are doing.  Unfortunately, I've had practice doing this, but I am hoping this works to Roger's advantage.  So I am trying to hold it all together, some days I can't hold myself together. 
Roger starts the 6 week Provenge journey on August 30.   This will entail travelling to the American Red Cross in Tulsa for blood collection, for 3 or 4 hours Roger will be hooked up with a machine that will extract blood, separate some white blood cells, then return the plasma back to him.  The white blood cells are sent to a magic castle where magicians add a magic potion.  The magic blood is then sent to the Oncology office in Rogers, and put back in Roger in about 2 hours  :) 
That is the short story.  and it sounds better than leukaphresis and infusion.
A lot of scary monsters show up along the way, in the form of side effects, not just the infusion, but from the leukaphresis as well..
I don't want to continue the story because I can't fight the troll under the bridge in three billy goats gruff until I see them. :(
The whole story can be found by googling or binging Provenge.
Just trying to add a little humor, everything is quite complicated.
Anxiety and worry came to the door today by way of the brown UPS truck.  It was a care package for Provenge patients.  A backpack on wheels with a stainless steel water bottle, puzzle books, a $1 radio that doesn't seem to work, pen and pencil set, instant lemonade mix, and a book explaining more throughly what is going to happen before, during, and after each of the extractions and infusions and all the things that can happen. (The backpack is just awesome) 98% experience side effects, 23% bad bad side effects. The backpack like I said is really cool, but brought with it the reality of the situation. 
I wrote that just for a heads up.  I won't think about it, as I mentioned, until the time comes to deal with it. 
This is day to day.  I am absolutely estatic this has given Roger hope, and a more positive outlook.  We go walking at the Adult Wellness Center ( a fitness center for us old folks over 50) in Rogers 3 days a week.  Roger loves it, and he even went there ALONE, on Tuesday! (while I was working).  He hasn't gotten out much since retirement, and less so as time has gone on.  He was getting very down after the setback in April.  So his outlook is much improved for the goood.
Sincere regards and Love to you all,
Pat  (the one with a brand new great nephew James Thomas Johnson born August 16)
oh, and of course the one who loves Roger!