Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Medications and battles

It has become apparent half the battle is in getting medications.
We were informed today, all the medications for Roger, which we were going to have transfered to the oncologist, have apparently disappeared.
Our case manager with our insurance company checked with the oncologist's office and the nurse(s) she talked to said there was no record of any scripts for any medications.
Funny, that was the gist of our conversation with the 2 nurses and the oncologist on Sept. 9.
It is scary and infuriating.
Our case manager, Kristin, is a God send.  She straightened them out.  Now we just see if our prescription company really gets the scripts.

and if you check the blog for Sept. 9 you will see we asked 2 nurses and the doc about the "list", and we both recall the doc asking where to send the scripts.  Does everyone have this kind of problem with meds?
I know our friends here in Arkansas do.  Is this prevalent in other parts of the United States?