Friday, September 16, 2011

Round 2 Infusion

Home from Round 2 infusion of beautiful pink blood, labelled as having a minumum of 50 million cells with the antigen attached, 50 million little pac men searching for cancer.
Roger didn't feel so grand after this infusion.
Little bit of the chills, and well, the weather is damp and chilly, that too might have contributed.
Also felt a little light headed.
No stopping for lunch today.
Headed home had some frozen pizza.  It was hot and good.
Roger is wrapped up in his snuggie (that Dorsey made for him a couple of years ago at Christmas), and resting.
Found another man who has had the Provenge treatment.  He was in much worse positon than Roger.  His cancer adventure makes Roger's battle a walk in the park with a picnic.  Can send the details of his blog if your interested, I can always recap here too which I will later.  Too pooped right now.

Roger settles in to read