Thursday, September 8, 2011

Nurses, Surgeons, and Hospitals, OH MY


Saturday August 27
Mellow day followed by poker with friends, Pat wins!  what's $3 amongst friends.

Sunday August 28
busy day getting lists of what we  need and what I have to do for Monday's adventures. Need to get up at 4:30 am
go to bed at 8pm
phone rings at 9pm
friend is calling to wish Roger well
that's nice
now must try to get back to sleep
Roger's ambien kicks in Roger snores.
happy he is sleeping
sad that I am not
watch reruns of House Hunter's international
fall asleep on couch
wake up 2 am
go back to bed
fall asleep
alarm goes off at 4:19am, I hit snooze
alarm goes off again, I reset alarm for 5:19 am
alarm goes off, Roger looks at time
"how come its so late, we gotta get moving"
I say nothing
Roger grumbles, grumbles, grumbles
I think about calling Becky and telling her to come pick up Roger, I am going to town to rent a truck and move out
I don't
Roger continues grumbling
Pat contiunes to get ready for hospital, while comtemplating his early demise, decide he needs love anyway and say nothing
comtemplating his demise is too sad, and I almost start to cry and realize I have too much to do and
Roger is ready to go and it is
we need to be at hospital by 6:30
since this surgery isn't going to take long, I figure we need to come back to house anyway and we take off for hospital.
arrive at hospital at 6:10am
parking is convinently close
Roger grumbles he can walk
I say nothing, park and we walk together
up to the second floor,
1st desk tells us to go to 2nd desk
2nd desk shows us to the ambulatory surgery area (or something like that)
Roger's special place is area 17
Roger weighs in
166 same as Friday at the hospital
gets his hospital bracelet, has a bar code, Roger is now scanable, I am given a pager
walk to area 17, gets in hospital gown, nurse gets iv in for fluids and antibiotics, no problem
my faith in nurses is renewed, (I called to talk to son and daughter-in-law (Noah and Amy) on Sunday relay preious weeks adventures, Amy reassures me clinc nurses lose touch with things hospital nurses don't, Amy's sharp, love her.
Roger is ready.  It is 7:00am
we wait
nurse checks on Roger
How much longer?
Surgery is scheduled for 8:30.
I am just sooooooo happy we arrived on time
we wait
we wait
they give Roger hydrocodone
we wait
Roger mellows out
Nurse comes to take Roger upstairs to surgery prep
she scans him
I go with them upstairs, in an elevator  THANK YOU! (for the elevator that is)
We go to a surgery waiting area (not sure where we were before, this is just closer to OR)
Anatheisiologist comes to talk with us, doc comes to talk to us, nurse scans Roger, and shows me where to wait
Surgery Waiting Area
small place, lots of people
I go downstairs to find breakfast
eggs, country fries, 2 pieces bacon, I find salsa, I am thankful for salsa
get coffee too
eat, head back to 3rd floor Surgery waiting area, small room, I find a chair
I am sitting across from 2 women speaking a foreign language and it is loud and non-stop
it is driving me crazy
I step outside the door stand in the hall, leaning against the wall.  I am across from a lady adminstrator sitting in a glassed in offfice
she steps out, asks if I would like to sit in her office
I say thank you yes
I sit silently in her office, I enjoy the quiet for about 10 minutes, see the foreign people leave,
I thank the lady for the silence and go back to the Surgery Waiting Area
It is quiet, not silent but more quiet than it was
House Hunters is on the TV
I see the computer screen on the wall that shows where the scanable people are, they have different colors when they are at different areas
Roger is #10484 or something like that
Roger is now in surgery, it is 9:00am
I wait, 9:30 nurse calls on phone they are finishing up, Roger's color changes on the computer screen,, the bright green color means he is being moved to post op.
I wait, 10:00 am the doc comes into the Surgery Waiting Area, wants to talk to me
everything went well, there was very little bleeding, Roger will be in post op an hour
I am sent down to 2nd floor area 17. It is sometime around 11 am
Roger arrives at area 17, woozy but okay
We wait.
after 30 minutes nurse asks if Roger would like something for pain
yes, he's a 6 (on the pain scale of 10)
nurse gives hydrocodone
tells us we will have to wait another hour while they monitor him after giving the hydrocodone
we wait
nurse asks if Roger needs to use bathroom
he goes
comes back
nurse calls pharmacy to get Roger a suppy of hydrocodone
nurse tells Roger it is about time to check out and it is time to get dressed
Roger gets dressed, gets in wheelchair, nurse, me and Roger in wheelchair walk to side entrance
I walk fast to go get car (remember, I was able to park close)
get car, get car started, get air conditioner going
pick up Roger
it is 1 pm
we head home

It is 1:30 pm when we get home and I end here, this is getting lengthy and we still have to drive to Tulsa, since we have reserved a hotel room, so we don't have to get up again at an ungodly hour to be in Tulsa at 8:30 am Tuesday

there is more to follow