Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday, I think,

Today was a little mixed up.  The NP had Roger and I all exited about going home, so from about 10 in morning until 1 we thought we were headed home.  (More than just a little scary to me).  The cardiologist then arrived around 3 and had no idea why discharge was even discussed.  Explaining again maybe by Thursday or Friday.  BUT, Roger is out of ICU, and in Telemetry area (has a portable heart monitor so he can move around easier, and a room with a shower/potty.  Doctor says everything looks good, but needs to be monitored a few more days.  It was a pretty serious heart attack and the blood thinners are causing some bleeding in the prostate/bladder worse.  We were fortunate to have arrived at the ER when we did.  He can received visitors, and now has a phone in the room.  Feel free to leave a message at the house or one of our phones and will call back with details.  Roger is going stir crazy, hates being in the hospital and I am sure would love company or calls.  Prayers for his friend, Les (his dementia has worsened and will likely have to be in a nursing home)  Love and Prayers appreciated!