Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Oncology report

Blood count today okay.  White blood count up a little high, but not critical.  Doc was glad to see Roger after all that has happened, (namely the heart attack).  Will continue on Zytiga.  Got his bone  strengthening shot  Xygeva today.  Roger thought he was going to get out of the clinic with out a shot.  Nope.  Roger okay, fatigue is a 5 today, pain nadda.  Small things are good. Doctor asked Roger if the heart attack had changed his mind about smoking, "No, Doc, its taken 50 years for it to catch up with me.  With the stents I ought to be good for another 50." and they both laugh.  I don't mention Roger's diet which includes fried food and frosted flakes with extra sugar among other horrible-for-you foods.