Thursday, October 11, 2012

7 days

Dare I say it?
today has been 1 week, since the last doctor appointment, 7 days with no doctor office waiting rooms, forms to fill out, waiting time.  The next appointment is scheduled for next wednesday at the colon-rectal clinic.  Maybe good is in order, I know 7 days is a blessing.  With Roger's pain diminished, it has been more pleasant and less stressful.  And the things he saw the colon-rectal doctor for (no details) have diminished as well.  Rainy day here, good day for napping, soup, and old tv programs.  Pam plans to visit today (broken toe and all...) so hoping for napping or cleaning. Really need to clean, too tired to go to town.  Love to all, thanks for prayers and thoughts on our behalf.