Sunday, February 2, 2014

Early Sunday 1 am

Pat is up tending the fire tonight.  We keep the woodstove going on nights when it gets below 32 F.  The heat pump relies on electric strips to heat below 32, greatly increasing the electric bill.  The man who sold us the unit has the same unit with no other source of heat and his electric bill was over 400 one month this winter (our house is about the same size as his and our electric bill runs around 140 and even with the cost of wood, it is far from 400.  It has been a winter with some really cold nights.
So, I am here at 1 am tending the fire.  I like the wood heat, it takes the chill out of your bones.  True, it is very drying for your body, just drink lots of water and use a good lotion.
There are days, here at home, when I wonder what I am doing.  I find it hard to keep up with anything, much less everything.  Some days I am worse at taking my meds than Roger is at taking his, simply because I am more adept at taking care of him than I am myself.  It has come to my attention though other caregivers, family, friends, and my doctor.  At least I am still at the point of only having to deal with one doctor, I would prefer to keep it that way.  Roger has 6 on the present roster,4 other doctors are in his background, having been replaced or out of their care for one reason or another.  And each of those doctors has his/her set of drugs- for cancer, heart, lungs, sleep, and aches and pains that occur with each of those and the interactions of those.  It is confusing and to add to the pile, there is the dealing with health insurance, medicare (for Roger) and prescription coverage.
Roger received a letter from medicare stating his current sleeping medication was not on the formulary list.  I call the number on the letter to find out what I need to do.  The first person takes the info, then transfers me to another person "a dedicated team member for AT&T", who then suggests 2 other drugs for Roger to take.  I then call the oncologist, who is currently prescribing the sleeping meds, and talk with the phone nurse about the situation and she calls in a prescription for one of the new drugs.  I have to call 2 different pharmacies to find the prescription and I find it and go pick it up.  And a couple of days later, Roger gets another letter.  The new drug is not on the formulary.  I call back the number on the letter, talk with the first person, who transfer me to the second person.  This time the second person tells me the AT&T coverage pays for the drug and even tho medicare does not, it will still be available for Roger, and so will the drug he was taking previously.  I think to myself about the hours on the phone, the drive to town to pick up the new drug and more hours on the phone,  well, I just don't know what to think...
And now since I am getting bleary eyed, I bid adieu.  The fire needs tending.