Monday, January 27, 2014

Update from October 2013-present (January 2014)

On December 26, 2013, while Roger's son Kyle was here, Roger was having trouble breathing, really raspy and sleeping most of 2 days.  After a couple of calls to United Healthcare nurse and Oncology nurse, Kyle drove us to the ER.  Oxygen was really low and he was admitted.  Treated for COPD and a respiratory infection.  Roger was at the hospital for 3 days or maybe 4 (don't really remember).   This hospital visit resulted in Roger laying down his Salem cigarettes.  He has taken up vaping, the e-cigarette thingys and he has not lit up a cigarette since those 3 cigarettes he smoked when I had to go to town to get a new e-cigarette.  (the first e-cigarette did not last very long)l  During the time Roger was in the hospital and for two weeks after discharge, he was on a high dose of predisone, resulting in quite an increase in his energy level, both physically and mentally.  If you did not receive a call or visit with him during this time, I am sorry you missed it.   He remains to this day very jittery and restless, the result of all the steroids he is taking in breathing treatments- nebulizer, advair and inhaler.  Cancer remains in check, nothing new, but emphyzema continues continues to be bothersome.  He does not yet have oxygen at home, that would be the next step, as he is once again having troubles breathing even with all the drugs.   Please visit or call, it is a delightful distraction for him and a chance for me to breathe.   Love to all.