Thursday, September 27, 2012

Good Day

Good day today, nice weather, Roger sat on the porch reading, and visiting with Gary Bell, cousin.
Received approval from prescription drug insurance for the chemo drug, Zytgia.  At a cost of $46/month.  Roger very happy.  This is a milder chemotherapy with fewer side effects reported.  Should receive it in the next day or two.  Roger is still zippy from the double steroid dose in preparation for the chemo which did not occur yesterday, slept 3 hours last night and tried all day to nap but couldn't, but he sure had the conversation going.  Was talking to Shasta, my dog, when no one else would listen.  Expecting he will do quite a bit of sleeping in the next day or two. Overall, doing okay but frustrated he can not walk very far, the mail box walk makes him worn out and breathless.