Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Chemo day, NOT!

Taxotere infusion was scheduled for today but after visiting with the doctor, Roger is moving on to Zytgia. (a chemo pill).  Taxotere was stopped because of side effects, and drug companies will not dispense Zytgia unless taxotere (Docetaxel) has been tried.  Now if we can just get our prescription drug company to play in the band.  Have to wait 2 more days to see what the co-pay will be (it is a $6000/month drug--yes there should be 3 zeroes).   Roger happy, happy not to be chemoized today.  (hey, I think I have a new word there).
Bleeding and seeping from bladder continues, and worsens when he is up and active.
Appointment with colorectal specialist scheduled for next week.  Don't know when, still need to make that call, but we have received the paperwork to fill out.
Straightened out the mess with urostomy supply order today after 2 weeks of calls between urologist and medical supply company.  Yea!
Pat weary, Roger zippy (from steroids), Pat happy that Roger feels good today!