Sunday, April 15, 2012

Back to ER

So,  week was an impromptu CT scan of the lower right abdomen at the oncologist office.  Two weeks before Roger was in to see his regular family doctor with this new pain, in the area of the appendix.  Family doc was fairly certain it was not appendicitis and recommended the oncologist try to schedule the CT earilier than the end of April. and so, Roger was at the oncologist 2 weeks early for the scan with an appointment following.  The appointment (April 12) with the oncologist confirmed a new problem in the bladder.  A thickening of the bladder wall is cutting off the flow from his right kidney.  What followed was the oncologist making an appointment with the urologist.  We were expecting to hear from the urologist tomorrow-Monday.
But then, this a.m. Roger was bleeding in urine again, and by 4 p.m. we were headed to the ER, making it to the ER before he was in pain, or not much pain I should say.  Roger takes a pain pill before we head out, he knows what is coming next.  Get right in to ER and get a foley catheter put in.  Roger's regular urologist is on call and is familiar with the case.  ER doc says Roger has a choice to be admitted or she can show me how to flush the catheter.  So now I have a new skill to add to my resume.  We are back home and will be checking in with the urologist at 8 a.m.
Don't know if this episode of bleeding is from the prostate area or the new area of pain suppose we will find out tomorrow....