Thursday, April 19, 2012

April 18, 2012

Early, early morning.  Life is 30 minutes at a time.  The continuous flushing of the bladder continues, and the overnight bag has to be emptied every 30 minutes. The bag is the catheter , aka Frank.  Frank's color is cherry limeade right now.  Every so often Frank's color is pink lemonade.  Cherry limeade is not so good, meaning there is still bleeding going on in the bladder.   But the occasional pink lemonade color gives hope to the situation.  The ultimate goal is Mountain Dew. well, mountain dew is a little more green that we would hope and has the look of something radioactive, but none the less Mountain Dew is merely a code name, right?  I digress, I tired, I can't sleep, I exhausted.  The newest development is the nephrostomy bag, a new tube, plumbing if you will, coming out of Roger's back.  It is a tube to drain the right kidney, hopefully to take some of the pressure off his abdomen, and lower back (an area of tumor growth and  a source of continual "5" pain.  (5 out of 10).  Roger has finally started to accept the pain medication.  and will even ask for it now.  This is a good development, as it also helps with the anxiety Roger feels.  Roger is ready to leave the hospital, this is the beginning of day  4 (5 if you count the ER visit, and personally 4 hours in an ER counts as a day in my book).
It is the beginning of a new day, maybe we will see Pink Lemonade, and sunshine