Wednesday, December 28, 2011

December 28, 2011

Today was a follow-up visit with the Ear, Nose and Throat doctor.  2 weeks after cauterization. Appointment was for 1:20 pm.  Arrived at 1:10 pm.   At 1:50 we unanimously agree we should leave if Roger doesn't get called back to the exam room by 2:20, and lo the nurse calls him back at 1:57.  And you know the routine by now about the nurse questions and such.  We settle in to the exam room after the nurse leaves.  And of course I have to find what toys and such are available.  Today's entertainment was a book about Oliver the elephant, a young anthropomorphic elephant who has a hearing problem and is treated by Dr. Fox and Dr. Dog.  (yes, Dr. Fox is a fox and Dr. Dog is a dog.)  It turns out well, with Oliver getting fitted for hearing aid and Oliver enjoying hearing.  It is a twenty minute wait and the story fills in the time well.  Roger is slightly amused, slightly annoyed by my antics.  Doctor comes in apologizes for the wait, explains 2 emergencies, just like what Roger has.  Doctor looks in Roger's right nostril, says things look good.  Roger explains it was his left nostril that was the problem.  Doctor looks in left nostril says things look good.  Doctor begins remembering the details, it was way up in the top of nose and he had to use a scope to cauterize the spot.  Asks Roger if he's had any more problems.  No hasn't  bled anymore.  Doc says he won't get the scope to check since Roger isn't having a problem.  Just come back if he has any more problems, and he'll just cancel today's appointment.  :)   I love doctors who appreciate the  value of the $30 copay for a visit with the doctor that lasts approximately 60 seconds.
We go for a walk at the wellness center 3/4 of a mile, Roger picks out some more books to read (westerns)  in trade for the ones he has brought back.  and we go eat at Las Palamas, and we head home.
Get home, call the urologist office to see when Roger's appointment is set for... not scheduled.  I explain to the phone receptionist the situation.  Roger is now peeing bright red, before it was 4 times in 2 weeks, today it is visible every time he pees.  After two different discussions with two different phone nurse/receptionist people Roger gets an appointment for 9:10 tomorrow morning Thursday, Dec. 29. So that is where we are at.