Monday, December 12, 2011

December 12, 2011 ENT

Today was a visit with an ENT (ear nose throat) doc.  This was a follow-up for the ER bloody nose that wouldn't stop bleeding for an hour.  The doc was ready to find the vessel causing the problem and cauterize it, but could not find a problem.  However, he did say if it started bleeding during office hours, to call and tell the office we are coming in, and he might be able to find the problem. Doc vacuumed out his sinus, numbed it and poked around really good.  Roger disappointed, me too.  The humidifier seems to be helping, only 3 bleeds and nothing we couldn't stop since the ER.
Today was also the development of another problem.  Blood in urine.  Will be checking with doc tomorrow.  This is a common development with prostate cancer and the plavix (blood thinner) doesn't help.
Will update as we go.....