Wednesday, December 14, 2011

December 14, 2011

Today I wait until the last minute to leave for my job of the day.  I am headed to Ralph's (age 92 w/prostate cancer) to clean, a quick, simple 2 hour job for Ralph is very neat and tidy.  Half way to Ralph's, I get a call from Roger (yes, I pulled the car over to answer)  Nose bleed, not much, but that's all the doc I tell Roger to call the doctor's office, tell 'em we're coming in, and I call Ralph to tell him today's not going to work. I head back to the house, pick up Roger, ask if he called the doc.  Yeah, but all he got was phone mail, they are closed until 1.  It is 12:30.  Since it takes 20-30 minutes to get to the office, we head to town.  The front doors are automatic and welcome us into a well lit waiting room with a not so well lit front office.  The front office has no lights on, not nary a one, the lights from the well lit waiting room are the only source of light for the dark abyss.  It is 12:59.  Two minutes later the front office pops to life with the flick of the switch.  And we are 4th on the list.  Ten minutes later, young lady asks why we are here, we explain.  But, Dr. we saw Monday is not here.  Roger explains Doc told him one of the other docs would be able to take care of the situation.  Oh, she says, okay.  Dr. B is on call, we'll get right on that.  and 10 minutes later Roger gets called back.  And the nurse comes in and asks the nurse questions and why are you here.  We explain the situation.  Okay, nurse will get the doc.  We wait.  During this time I begin assessing the room and note the obvious absence of tissue, like Kleenex.  One would think an ENT office, waiting room, exam room would have tissue boxes everywhere.  I realize we did not see any in the front waiting room, or any where on the front office area.  Odd, I think.  Then I notice the neat light on the patient chair.  I comment to Roger that would be handy to have for reading.  It is like a heavy duty snake light with a really bright light.  I go over to check it out and Roger immediately responds, Don't start playing with it.  So I go over to the doctor desk and see what kind of toys he has.  A model of the throat and nose.  Not really interesting because it doesn't come apart like the one in the other ENT doc's exam room.  So I go sit back down in the wife chair.  and then, I start thinking about all the exam rooms and doctor's offices we've been in and start thinking about which one's are the most entertaining, and begin rating them in my head.  At this point the doctor comes in and starts poking around in Roger's nose and squirting stuff and putting deadening stuff and then leaves to attend to other patients while the deadening stuff starts to work.  Another 10 minutes and the doc is back and   he begins vacuuming, squirting, poking with needles and then he finds the spot or spots where an artery is weakened, ah ha and begins cauterizing.  I can't smell the burning flesh, but Roger sure can.  And after the doctor starts all this it is over in about another 15 minutes and Roger is okay to leave.  And it is 2:30 and we head home.  I hear more about the smell of burning flesh all the way home, and I am happy I cannot smell it.
Hoping this is an end to this nose episode that has been going on for 3 weeks.
Love to all