Friday, August 10, 2012

today's appointment

Apparently, there was a lot of miscommunication going on in the doctor's  office, and apparently someone no longer works at the oncologist's in the scheduling department.  They know now Roger is not in hospice, and we did visit with the oncologist and his wonderful nurses.  And they explained it should not have happened (cancelled appointments, and hospice admittance).
Sooooo, we (Roger and I) are in better spirits.
However, Roger will begin chemotherapy on Wednesday.  Docetaxel, an IV drug, to be infused on Wednesday and then 2 more infusions three weeks apart.  Depending on how  Roger can tolerate this chemo, he can then start on Zytgia, an oral chemo which is low side effect.  Insurance pays on the Zytgia only after Docetaxel has been administered.   (not sure on the spelling of those names but close)
Sooooo, thanks for past, present and future prayers and thoughts,  very much appreciated!