Thursday, August 9, 2012

The nightmare of health care

Unbeknowst to us, Roger was admitted to hospice care.  How, you ask?  Roger and I are still in a questionable state of shock.
Back in May while Roger was in the hospital having the urostomy surgery, we had both the urologist and oncologist talk to us about the options.  there was still talk of rHadiation and chemotherapy.  An appointment was made with the oncologist for July 20.  I had called to check with the oncologist for an earlier appointment and asked if I could talk with a hospice provider for pallatative care.   Apparently, the call to the hospice ended with Roger being admitted to hospice.  When talking with hospice, the call ended with "you don't seem ready for hospice".
  So, I called today to check the time for the appointment.  And was told the appointment was cancelled.  So, I ask why.  and am told I needed to talk to someone else, and was put through to their extension, and of course am directed to voice mail.  Just not what I was wanting!  So I hang up and call again, get a different receptionist and ask why the appointment was cancelled and told the receptionist I was not going to the voice mail thing again.  Receptionist assures me I will talk with the person with an explanation.  And finally she tells me the person is going to call me back today.  And so I hang up.
And so I call back to get a receptionist at the appointment desk and get yet another and different receptionist (by this time I am thinking the "crazy" woman is becoming known) and explain (well okay, I did not explain so much as told) to the appointment person that Roger Bell has an appointment at 3 pm and he will be there.
Anxious to hear the story tomorrow at the oncologist appointment.