Saturday, January 28, 2012

Update from December 21-present

So this is bound to be lengthy, and will take a while, as my notes are all over the place, and sometimes missing. This latest adventure in cancer began with a visit to Roger's family doctor on December 21.  Roger began having blood in urine with an occasional small clot.  Mind you he was seeing little clots for about 2 weeks before this, but not on a daily basis.  By the 21st it was becoming an everyday, every pee occurance.  At the office visit on Dec. 21, it was determined the blood was not from a urinary infection, and forwarded a referral to the urologist.  After a few calls to the urologist, Roger gets an appointment for Dec. 29.  Urologist doesn't take long to determine the need for a catheter, and the whole process begins.  Doctor has to use the rod like things to dilate the urethra, before he can finally put the catheter in.  Doctor does this with out medicating Roger, and I can see (I am still in the room) this is quite uncomfortable, and somewhat painful.  I make a note to make sure to carry some of the pain medications with me at all times, and/or make sure Roger takes something for pain before we step inside any and all doctor's exam room.  With the catheter in, we head home with a prescription for stronger pain meds than he had been given before.

3 days later with the intention of going through the past three weeks, I realize I will never finish this post.
It is 3 weeks, 6 runs to the ER, 2 Hospital stays, 1 surgery/cystoscopy/cauterization of prostate, 4 visits to urologist office, several trips to various pharmacies.  We are both at home this morning.  Roger has been catheter free for 5 days, still passing clots/blood but seems to be clearing.  Instructions to take it easy for another 2 weeks, and drink copious amounts of water.  Roger is tired and weak and sick and tired of being sick and tired.  I'm just tired.  together we are cozy at home with our wood stove keeping us toasty and that's good.