Monday, January 30, 2012

and I think to myself...

It has been seven days, one whole week since Roger's last visit to an ER.  We still celebrate when he pees, and do a victory dance when the urine is clear, or when a small clot has passed.  Roger is still tired and weak, but maybe finally on the mend.  For the next week and 1/2, he still has to refrain from doing too much, actually from doing much of anything, not supposed to lift anything over 5 pounds, that eliminates a lot.  Today, he is in good spirits.  I know because he is back to obsessing.  Obsessing is his hobby.  I'm still getting used to his hobby.  I'd rather he build birdhouses, or paint.  Today's hobby project was a new couch, a sectional to be specific.  By 5 pm, I tell him, okay, let's go.  He found one he liked sometime in November and has talked about it for the last two months on and off.  And so it came to a head today when he asks a new and different question about the furniture every hour.(and yes there are that many questions to be answered) By 5:30 pm, we are out the door.  And yes, found it again, and on sale. And so now, we will be having old furniture taken away, and new furniture delivered.  What his next project will be is up in the air.  But for now, my old Roger is back, feeling better, and today was a beautiful day.
And I think to myself
what a wonderful world.