Saturday, October 5, 2013

Saturday October 5, 2013

About 4 weeks ago, Roger was getting short of breath easily, just getting up to move to another room had him out of breath, and after only a small plate of food.  His abdomen looks like it will bust, whether you call it swollen or distended or what.  So, I call the oncologist to see if they have suggestions for what to do.  Mainly, whether I should schedule him to come in to the clinic earlier than his end of October scheduled visit, or check with his primary doctor, or perhaps the cardiologist.  Roger ended up at the cardiologist for a couple of different test, to check for heart problems that might be causing the problem.  Since we did not received any news after the 2nd test, and the NP said they would call if something showed up, we assume his heart is okay.  So I call back to the oncologist this week and they suggest coming in to see the NP there. and we do.  and they take blood and do the blood magic thing to see if any anomalies show up. and no. and Roger's CT scan is moved up to Friday 4th  (he was scheduled for his regular 3 month scan on the 26th).  and they take more blood on Friday, and do the IV for the scan.  (Roger feels like a pin cushion, and his arms look like years of shooting up drugs.)  at 11 am and we received a call back at 3 pm.  nothing new shows up, no fluid build up, no new lesions, suggestion that it is gas, but the oncologist will review the scan and we should get a call back.  So, we wait.  Have given and giving Roger natural remedies (charo tabs and pro-biotics) to try to help in case it is gas.