Monday, August 5, 2013

Oncology visit August 2, 2013

A review of the CAT scan and blood work from the previous week has shown a further decrease in Roger's PSA (one cancer marker) to 2, yes, 2.  This is down from 3, three months ago.  The doctor came in and asked "How's the miracle man doing?"  Roger likes this new nickname.  (it does sound better than the million dollar man, I have no total for what insurance has paid toward the cancer bill, but it is over the million dollar mark.  Some day maybe there will be time for totals)  The CAT scan shows 2 spots on the lungs, but too small to biopsy, and they could just be from the onset of emphysema.   Roger continues to have muscle spasms in his hands and legs.  (no reasoning from the oncology end of symptoms)  and Roger still refrains from further doctor visits to check on coughing and emphysema.  So we are still here and kicking.  Best to all.