Monday, July 9, 2012

July 10, 2012

I wake up at 10 am, frantic, wanted to start calling doctors at 8.  Roger is calm as a cucumber!  I grab the phone (doctor numbers are on speed dial now) and Roger says "My neck feels better, I can hold my head up without hurting." So you don't want me to call the doctor?  "no, but I would like hotcakes and bacon for breakfast, and maybe some strawberries if there are any left"  I sigh.   And start breakfast.
After breakfast I try to explain to Roger the reasons why he should go today, you know, just to check things out.  "no, don't need to go to the doctor, but I do need to go to town and you need to get whatever is on your list"   On the journey into town Roger comments is neck is 100% better. So, I say you can turn your head and not feel any pain?  and he says well, okay, 50% better.  I know where the other 50% has gone-- my neck (pun intended)  
I sit here writing this and the family doctor's office calls, the results from last weeks urine culture shows a staph infection that cannot ordinarily be treated with oral meds, he will probably need IV antibiotics.  The office is faxing the info to the urologist, call the urologist after an hour or so or at least by the end of the day to see what the urologist wants to do.  
So.... we wait.